SEO Content Planner & Calendar Notion Template

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The SEO Content Planner & Calendar Template gives you everything you need to plan and manage content production efforts within Notion.

It's simple and easy to use and is way better than trying to manage content with spreadsheets and project management tools. You don't even need the premium version of Notion to use this. It's a lightweight and highly customizable template.

Content Calendar

Plan and view all content in a simple content calendar.

Add/remove card details, and easily apply filters and sorts.

The content calendar provides a simple view of upcoming content so you can see what is being published next.

You can also manage content from the calendar and quickly move things around such as changing due dates or re-assigning a content task.

Content Map

Get a detailed overview of every page sorted by content type. From landing pages to blog posts.

The content map provides a full overview of every page on your website.

Use the tab views to see specific types of pages like landing pages or guest posts.

You can customize, edit, or delete these types and make it your own.

Content To Update

Have you always needed a system to remind you to update content and task it out appropriately so it actually gets done?

The Content To Update view sets automate due dates to update content. Helping you ensure your pages continue to grow.

The content update view shows you which pages need to be updated in the next 3 months.

The table view also shows you all the content to update sorted by the most upcoming due date.

The update interval default is 12 months from the publish date. You can change the formula at any time (see video)

Content Categories

Get a quick snapshot of all the categories of content throughout your site

The content categories view is a simple reference that shows all the different types of categories on your site.

Useful for seeing which categories need to be expanded next!

How To Guide

Detailed instructions are included as resources within the template!

Full Demo Example

A full website demo filled with dummy data is included in the template so you can see what a completed planner looks like.

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SEO Content Planner & Calendar Notion Template

0 ratings
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