SEO Roadmap Notion Template

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🌟 Introducing the Ultimate SEO Roadmap Notion Template 🌟

If you've dabbled with the idea of building out a full-scale SEO strategy inside of Notion but don't have the time to do it yourself, look no further.

This Notion template gives you everything you need to get started.

Here's what's included:

🚀 SEO Roadmap & Strategy

  • 🗺️ Project management view of all tasks
  • 🏆 Strategy resources and tools to craft a winning approach
  • 👥 User persona and user story templates

🗝️ Keyword Research

  • 🌱 Start with a seed list
  • 🌲 Expand your keywords into a customizable keyword database
  • 📁 Cluster and group your keywords as you go
  • 💰 Calculate cluster values to prioritize your efforts
  • 🎯 Map out your keywords to pages with precision

🏗️ Website Architecture & Navigation

  • 🏢 Plan out new and existing pages to create
  • 🔗 Build a solid foundation with internal linking
  • 👆 Easily plan user-friendly navigation that search engines will love

🔧 SEO Audit Database

  • 📝 Prioritize issues with segmented views (All, On-Page, Technical, Off-Page)
  • 💯 Prioritize impact/effort with built-in SEO scoring

📊 Reporting & Resources Section

  • 📅 Resource database template to collect and share resources with your team
  • ⚡ Resources section to keep your reports and dashboards organized

🆕 SEO Content Calendar & Planner

  • 📃 My new premium $20 content planner is included for free with this template!
  • 💻 Plan and manage all your content in one place. Designed for content teams!

🙌 Totally customizable

  • 🎨 Add new views like Kanban boards, calendars, or timelines
  • 📈 Add your own resources and sections as you go

💡 BONUS: Lifetime Updates + Free Demos + How-To Videos + Resources

  • 🧬 Customers get lifetime updates and new resources as they are added
  • 🗺️ Get a free copy of a recently completed SEO roadmap as a demo/example
  • 🤫 Get access to a growing resource database full of secrets not shared anywhere else

🧠10 years of SEO baked into one simple template

This template is based on 10 years of SEO experience:

  • 4 digital marketing agencies
  • 4 in-house marketing roles
  • 100s of clients
  • Thousands of completed projects

Creating an SEO roadmap is the key to achieving your SEO goals. Not only will this template help you plan, organize, and implement your strategy, but it will make it easy for anyone else to see and understand your strategy too. Like clients, team members, developers, stakeholders, or leadership.

Get your hands on this game-changing SEO roadmap template, and build the ultimate SEO strategy to take your online presence to new heights! 🚀

About Jonathan Boshoff:

  • SEO consultant with more than a decade of experience helping brands grow online.
  • Worked with Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, and industry leaders.
  • Builds SEO tools and resources to improve and streamline everything.

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SEO Roadmap Notion Template

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